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Domain Registration

Prices from 64 rubles a year, more than 150 areas

We have successfully registered more than 1 million domains for our clients . We thought the pricing policy and, therefore, the most affordable prices the most beautiful girls.

SSD Hosting

Hosting for professionals and beginners

We are the first web hosting where the client sites and databases are located on the SSD disk completely. To achieve high performance and speed. At all rates, you can use a free website, preset the CMS, all I zykami programming and other services. Variable tariffs tariff constructor. You do not pay for what you do not need.

Welcome to our company!

ProWeb host is one of the oldest companies providing hosting services, including domain registration and professional web hosting. Thanks to the well thought-out details and pricing management, we can keep reasonable prices for domains and hosting. Our company has c 2005 provides high-quality services to more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Web Hosting Web site

Web Hosting is called the service to deploy components of the site on our server. In other words, ordering hosting, you get to download on our company's entire site server. This is done to ensure that the site became available around the clock, as well as the server is running continuously. In addition, we are committed to follow the trouble-free operation of the server and provided additional tools. Such as MySQL databases, programming languages (PHP, NodeJS, Python, Wsgi Python App (Django, Pyramid, Flask and other modules) with Python 2.7,3.3-3.6 versions, Perl), storage of your mail and other services.

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Register Domain

Domain or domain name - this is a compulsory unique attribute of each site hosted on the Internet. In other words, it is the name of your site, such as Pick any available domain for your site. Simply select one of the domain zones, for example, .ru, .su, .com, and so on. Some of these domain areas are more free, other cheaper and less free. We offer domains from 65 rub., The domain registration will be valid from the 1st of the year.

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Why choose us?

Company ProWeb host is engaged in a professional hosting and domain registration since 2005. We always have reasonable prices and a huge number of satisfied customers. Thanks to elaborate details of management policies, our prices are lower than average.
We are constantly improving the quality and expanding the list of services. Support constantly improving and updating their knowledge.

  • Instant Domain Registration

    Domain Name Registration for 5 minutes at a low price in a hundred areas such as RU, Russian Federation, COM and others. Our domains of work on any hosting.

  • Free domains

    Get a domain RU, the Russian Federation and some other free when you pay for hosting.

  • Domain for any hosting!

    Domains registered with us, you can to connect to any web hosting , an online site builder, a dedicated server or vps. Excellent work on the mail Yandex, Google, Mail, and others.

  • Convenient, automated control panel

    The unique account management panel, domain and hosting of its own design.

  • Hosting on the cloud OS CloudLinux

    The operating system designed specifically for hosting service providers with enhanced security and has unique properties and allows to distinguish between users, so they do not interfere with each - other and limit their consumption of server resources.

  • The most powerful hosting control panel cPanel

    Control Panel server for hosting customer. You can easily manage all aspects of hosting services. Create mailboxes, manage databases, PHP versions 4.4-8, statistics, backups, and more.

  • High speed and security

    Through the use of unique technologies, such as LiteSpeed module for PHP, which is 35-70% faster than standard PHP modules. And systems CageFS, which creates for you a separate virtual server with its own resources, and protects you from intrusion with parallel accounts. Plus it allows you to use your version of the software with their modules. For example, PHP versions from 4.4 to 8, changing them in one click.

  • Free SSL-certificate

    Certificate from Cpanel or Comodo https connection to for your website at any rate. The certificate is automatically created for all your domains on a hosting, no action is required from you.

  • Free website builder

    You can easily create a website, blog, photo gallery, guest book, etc. More than 900 templates of sites, banners, buttons. More ...

  • Supports all versions of programming languages

    You can use all available versions of the popular programming languages. Such as PHP 4 to 8 (ionCube, Zend Guard Loader, GD2, PEAR and others. You yourself can add modules in 1 click), NodeJS 6 to 9 version, Python 2.7, Wsgi Python App (Django, Pyramid, Flask and other modules) with Python 2.7,3.3-3.6 versions, Perl 5. All versions are constantly updated.

  • More than 250 CMS in one click

    You will see the installation of most popular free CMS. Such as blogs, forums, CMS (content management system Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.), guest books, online shopping and more. More ...

  • Unique variable rates

    All fares, you can change. They are not rigid. For example, if you have a 100 meg disk and 2 sites. You can safely put a 5, 10 or more sites without changing the disc or on the contrary, to put less. In this way you save your money and do not pay too much.

Our Stats

The company is engaged in ProWeb host hosting and domain registration since 2005. Therefore, we have a vast experience of working with clients. We try to find an individual approach to each client and create a convenient feedback to continually improve the quality of our services, and services.

Placed sites
Years in Business

Top Tariffs on hosting

Sites are located in one of the best St. Petersburg Selectel data center has an uninterrupted power supply and a wide network of independent points of Internet access. Therefore UPTIME our servers, is never less than 99.9%.
used server always meet the latest modern technology and provide mirrored disks with Raid 1 and must backup all sites. We use only licensed software, which always has the latest version.
We give 20 days for testing on request.
All tariffs support the PHP 4 to 8, Node 6 to 14, Wsgi Python App (Django, Pyramid, Flask and other modules) with Python 2.7,3.3-3.8 versions, Perl 5, MySQL 8.
you can use the site builder, automatic installation 250 CMS and scripts in one click. All clients issued free SSL-certificate forever.

Do not forget to look at the domain tariffs. There are discounts now!


Tariff 20 Gig



If you want to place large-scale projects or multiple sites on a single account.

  • 20 000 MB SSD drive
  • email inboxes
  • traffic
  • MySQL database and FTP
  • 2 additional sites (you can add)
  • Note: 100% speed processor core 1024 MB of memory. Flexible tariff, you can add services.
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Tariff 30 Gig



Even more disc for one or many projects.

  • 30 000 MB SSD drive
  • email inboxes
  • traffic
  • MySQL database and FTP
  • 2 additional sites (you can add)
  • Note: 100% speed processor core 1024 MB of memory. Flexible tariff, you can add services.
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Tariff 50 Gig



Increased tariff for very large projects or storage.

  • 50 000 MB SSD drive
  • email inboxes
  • traffic
  • MySQL database and FTP
  • 2 additional sites (you can add)
  • Note: 100% speed processor core 1024 MB of memory. Flexible tariff, you can add services.
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All popular CMS work, without special tariffs!

Это не все тарифы, Создайте свой!

Смотрите остальные тарифы или создайте свой по вашим требованиям в нашем сервисе биллинга.

Domain Registration

Instant Domain Registration
Convenient, automated control panel

The control panel for instant registration of domains is a unique product of our company. It allows you to get a full domain management, and connect them to any hosting queries without support.

Choose domain
Really affordable prices.
Elaborate tariff system

More than 150 domain zones (RU, Russian Federation, COM, ORG, etc..) At an affordable price.
We try to provide our clients with the domain registration as cheaply as possible compared to other registrars at the expense of sound and of detailed tariff system. As well as providing our customers with cash bonuses and domains with discounts up to 50%!

Choose domain
Professional customer support!
Years of experience working with clients.

Extensive experience with customers allows us to provide customer support meets the highest demands. Our support service is constantly improving and updating their knowledge. There is a huge knowledge base and Videos for hosting and domain registration.

Choose domain

Pick a domain

Enter the domain that you want to order in the domain search box.
Example: or
Check domains in different zones

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